Kossowan, R. Pink Fur Coat, oil on deep



"ROSE-MARIE KOSSOWAN: SYNESTHESIA", an art review by Critic Johnathan Raddatz is currently published on Exhibeo Art Magazine's web-site; http://www.artexhibeo.com/rose-marie-kossowan-synesthesia/
A full in depth interview, title "Mind Over Matter", with Art Critic Johnathan Raddatz is available at Art Exhibeo Magazine: http://www.artexhibeo.com/featured-artist-rose-marie-kossowan/
"Kossowan shares the sublime beauty of nature in a most freeing and unrestricted fashion, gorgeous work", Informed Collector's Daily Briefing, August 6th, 2014
“Rose-Marie Kossowan’s paintings are masterfully assured affairs that involve a heady yet subtle symbiosis of color, contrast and texture. Viewed as a whole, her oeuvre exudes a confidence forged by experience and a clear vision of her work program. There is a rigorous psychological process at work in her paintings – a push and pull between the physical world and an internal reality of the mind.” Art Critic and Chief Editor, Johnathan Raddatz, Exhibeo Art Magazine.

Gallery Representation:


Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery Granville Island, Vancouver, BC 1241 Cartwright Street Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7 phone: 604-681-8534





Viridian Gallery, 1570 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC V6G 3G1 Phone:(604) 568-3377


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