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The reasons I paint are varied and complex; the primary motive being the sheer exhilaration of experiencing the creative process. Art is an important part of what defines our humanity, and I feel grateful and privileged to be able to participate and contribute in my own way. Being an artist gives me a sense of individuality and describes who I am.


I believe we all have a deep psychological desire to experience art not only as a form of expression, but also as a means of emotional reflection; I enjoy contributing to that. For me, painting is a means to explain my views, and to demonstrate my interpretation of life experiences.

My work consists of two main genre; abstract expression and impressionism. My impressionistic object based paintings are more of an exploration of the relationship between colour, light and tone values rather than the objects themselves. In my abstract expression pieces, my focus is to bring thoughts and emotions into visual form. I employ a complex process of creative exploration, exploiting all the characteristics of paint including, texture, viscosity, and thickness on the surface of my substrate. As I work through this process, ideas begin to emerge, forming a emotional theme or focal point. Decision making is based on my own psychological responses to what I am seeing as the painting begins to develop.


Rose-Marie Kossowan (Brown) is an award winning BC artist, working in oil and acrylic mediums. Her work focus is primarily abstract expression and impressionism, both of which allow for a sense of deep creativity. Although the compositions are abstract, the color and tone values in her paintings are influenced by the natural landscape of the area where she lives. Rose-Marie currently  holds an Associate Signature Status Membership with the Federation Of Canadian Artists, and is also represented by Viridian Gallery in Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver. She regularly participates in group exhibitions at The FCA Gallery on Granville Island, and also acts a panel  judge for the FCA.


July 2018: Catalogue Of Works for the 16th Annual International Exhibition/Competition, Painting On The Edge, Federation Of Canadian Artists.

November 2016: Catalogue Of Works for the 2016 Nonesuch Art On Paper Awards Exhibition, Parrsborro, Nova Scotia, and Montreal, Quebec

September 2016: "ROSE-MARIE KOSSOWAN: SYNESTHESIA",  Review by Art Critic Johnathan Raddatz, published on Exhibeo Art Magazine's web-site:


March 2016: Exhibeo Art Magazine's publication titled 'Selected Art Reviews And Interviews, Complete Edition (Vol. 1&2) 


August 2015: Catalogue Of Works for the 13th Annual International Exhibition and Competition, Painting On The Edge 2015, Federation Of Canadian Artists.


June 2015 : Celebratory Catalogue Of Works for National Crossing Boundaries Juried Art Exhibition 2015, published by the Federation Of Canadian Artists and the International Arts Gallery, Vancouver, BC.


November 2014 : In-depth interview with Art Critic and Chief Editor Jonathan Raddatz, published online in Art Exhibeo Magazine:


August 2014 : 'Recommended Artist' published in the August 6th Edition of Informed Collector's Daily Briefing: "Kossowan shares the sublime beauty of nature in a most freeing and unrestricted fashion, gorgeous work".


December 12, 2023: 3 works selected for the Federation Of Canadian Artist's Ten Squared Exhibition.

March 1 2023: "Stephen's Island" selected for the FCA exhibition titled " 2023 Online Showcase".

November 2019: "Burning Bush" awarded second place overall in the Federation Of Canadian Artist's Gallery Exhibition titled Emerging, Granville Island.

November 2018: "Hanging On" selected by jury for the AFCA Medal Exhibition, Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery, Granville Island.

August 2018: "The Devil's Club" selected by jury for the exhibition Small, Smaller, Smallest, Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery, Granville Island.

July 2018:  "Waiting" selected for Painting On The Edge, an international exhibition of works held at the Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

November 2016: Bronze Metal Award for "Back Yard Maples", 2016 FCA Signature Metal Exhibition

September 2016: Review  by Art Critic Johnathan Raddatz, published on Exhibeo Art Magazine's web-site;

September 2016: Honorable Mention award for "Mt. Cheam", selected for Scenes From Western Canada, juried exhibition, Federation Of Canadian Artists.


August 2016: "Tenderness", selected for the FCA's 365 Calendar Project, 2017.


April 2016: "88 Keys" Selected as one of FAV 15% in the BoldBrush Painting Competition.

March 2016: First Place Award, "Unfolding", FCA's juried Abstract Exhibition.


November 2015: Honorable Mention "Freshly Picked Flowers", FCA's juried Muse Exhibition.

October 2015: "SHE", Finalist in Art Exhibeo Magazine's painting competition titled Power.


September 2015: "Turning Point", selected as one of the FAV 15% in the September 2015 BoldBrush Painting competition.

August 2015: "She", finalist for Painting On The Edge, an international competition and exhibition at the FCA Gallery, Granville Island.


June 2015: "Top-Bottom' and "Strange-Charm", finalist for the juried Group Exhibition , Small, Smaller and Smallest, at the Federation Of Canadian Artist's Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.


May 2015; Artist Of The Month, selected by Vancity Bank and the Federation Of Canadian Artists.


May 26 - June 7, 2015: "The Fraser River - Part Of Canada's Heritage Rivers System", finalist for The National Crossing Boundaries Exhibition, hosted by the FCA and The International Gallery, including publication in a celebratory accompanying exhibition catalogue.


April 2015; First place Award for "Bloomin' Nasturtiums" in the FCA's Foliage And Flowers Exhibition.


March 24th - April 5th, 2015; "Vancouver Rain" Awarded Third Place in "Abstracts Exhibition" FCA Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.

March 2015; Top Tier Finalist for "Aftermath", Art Exhibeo's juried Abstract Competition.

February 17th - March 6th, 2015; "Landscapes", juried group exhibition, FCA Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.


December 2014 - Two paintings Selected as part of the FAV 15%  in the December 2014 BoldBrush Painting Competition.


November 2014 - First place overall winner in Exhibeo Art Magazine's Open Theme juried painting competition, for her painting titled "Vancouver Rain". Jonathan Raddatz, Editor in Chief, Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine commented; "her paintings are visceral, epic narratives of nature and a testament to the psychological power of color".


August 2014 - Selected as one of the FAV 15%  in the August 2014 BoldBrush Painting Competition.


June 2014- winner of the "Outstanding Abstract Award" in the BoldBrush juried painting competition, FASO.

June 2014 - selected as one of the FAV 15% in the June 2014 BoldBrush Painting Competition.

2012 - several paintings selected for display in the set design for the movie productions "Profile for Murder" and "Secret Liaisons", filmed at Bridge Studios, Burnaby, BC


2009 - finalist in the juried competition, "A Bird, A Stone, A Letter", Federation of Canadian Artists, Granville Island, BC.


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