Wait For Me, oil on deep canvas, 2015, not for sale.

Eighty Eight Keys 2, acrylic on Board, 24x18" available for sale.

Edge Of Everything, 30x30", oil on canvas, 2015, sold.

In Cahoots, 36x48", oil on deep canvas, 2016, not for sale.

Looking For A Reason, oil on deep canvas, 30 x 30", on hold

Signs Of Intelligent Life, 24x18", oil on panel, 2015, not for sale.

Catharsis, by Rose-Marie Kossowan

Catharsis, 30x30", oil on deep canvas, unavailable.

The Inner Circle by Rose-Marie Kosswan

The Inner Circle, oil on canvas, 16 x 20", on hold

Beach Walk, oil on canvas, 2016, unavailable.

Stepping Out, oil on deep canvas, 24x30, 2016, on hold.

Bliss, oil on deep canvas, 36x36, not for sale.

Tenderness, 18x24", oil on deep canvas, on hold

You're In My Road, oil on deep canvas, 30"x 40".

Death Of The Seamstress, acrylic, collage, and charcoal on paper, 21x14"; selected for the Nonsuch Paper Awards Exhibition, Parrsborro, Novia Scotia.

Introspection, oil on deep canvas, 30x30"; donated to 'Paint By Numbers', an annual fundraising Gala for The Federation Of Canadian Artists.

Bouquet, 16x20, oil on canvas, 2016, sold.

Orange Popsicle, 30x30, oil on canvas, not available.

Lost In The Translation Of Reflection, 24x28", 2016, oil on canvas, not for sale.

Site Title

Heart Of Grace, oil on deep canvas, 4'x5', not available

Letting Go, oil on deep canvas, 30 x 30  2017, not for sale.

Metropolis, acrylic on deep canvas, 40x30", 2017, on hold.

Summarium, oil on deep canvas, 24 x 36", sold.

Falling, 36x36x1.5", oil on deep canvas, 2016, not for sale.

Vancouver Rain, oil on canvas, 36x48", 2015, sold

Industrialization, 24x24x1.5", oil on deep canvas, 2015, sold.

Unfolding, oil on deep canvas, 30x40", 2016, on hold.

Black Tangerine, oil on canvas, 2014, not for sale.

Rift, acrylic on canvas, 18x24", 2016, not for sale.

Permanent Rose, 24x24x1.5", oil on panel, 2015, available through Viridian Gallery

Entangled Ribbons, 4'x7', acrylic on canvas, 2015, available through Viridian Gallery.

Untitled, oil on canvas, 30x40", 2015, not for sale.

Chaos And Order, oil on deep canvas, 18x24x1.5, not for sale

Thoughts In My Head, acrylic on hardboard, 18x24, 2015, not for sale.

Untitled, 30x40x1.5", oil on deep canvas, 2016, not for sale.