Kossowan, Three Pansies.JPG
Kossowan, R. Fuchsia nd Chartreuse, oi o
Kossowan, R. Morning Awakens.JPG
Kossowan, R. Nasturtiums 101. oil on dee
Kossowan, R. Mad Rhodo, oil on deep canv
Kossowan, R. Bloomin' Hydrangias, oil on
Kossowan R., Wild Rose Bush, 12x12, oil
Kosowan, R. The Last Of The Nasturtiums,
Kossowan, R. September Sunflower, oil on
Kossowan, R. Pale Lime Hydrangias, oil o
Kossowan, R. Mauve Hydrangeas, oil on de
Kossowan, R. Thimble Berry Blooms, oil o
Kossowan, R. Last Sunflower, oil on deep canvas
Kossowan, R. Flowering Bush, oil on deep
Kossowan, R. Captured Blooms, oil on dee
Kossowan, R. Behind The Fence, oil on de
Kossowan, R. Jarred Pansies, oil on deep
Kossowan, R. The Devil's Club, 20x20, no
Kossowan, R. Violets And Things, oil on
Kossowan, R Bowl Of Scarlet Flowers, oil
Kossowan, R. Wild Roses, oil on deep can
Kossowan, R. Pansies In Glass Jar, oil o
Panzy Frenzy by Rose-Marie Kossowan
Kossowan, R. Forget-Me-Knots, oil on can
Kossowan, R Rubus parvilflorus, oil on d
Window Pot by Rose-Marie kossowan

Rubus Pariflorus, or Thimble Berry, 10x10", oil on deep canvas, sold.

Flowers Freshly Picked, oil on deep panel, 24x24, 2015, SOLD

Pansies #2, 10x10", oil on deep canvas, (Plein-air) donated to the FCA's 10 Squared Fundraiser. sold

Study #1, cold wax and oil on panel, 2015, not for sale.

Deep Purple.JPG

Deep Purple, 24x18, oil on canvas, 2016, available thru the FCA's 'Summer Gallery'.


Pansies #3, 10x10", oil on deep canvas,  (Plein-air), donated to the FCA's 10 Squared Fundraiser. sold

Hydrangea Heaven, oil on deep canvas, 30x26x1.5", 2014, not for sale

Bearded Irises, acrylic on canvas, 16x20", 2016, sold.

Bloomin' Nasturtiums, oil on deep canvas, 30x30", 2015, available thru Viridian Gallery.

Spirea, oil on canvas, 14x14", 2016, not for sale.

Sweet, Sweet Peas, 18x24", oil on panel, 2014, sold.

The Last Of The Nasturtiums by Rose Marie Kossowan