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September 28 - October 2nd, 2016, "Fallen Demagogue" will be included in the largest exhibition of living artists in Canadian history; The FCA 75th Anniversary Signature Celebration,  which marks seventy-five years of artistic excellence at the Federation of Canadian Artists.

This exhibition will be held at  Performance Works, 1218 Cartright St,  Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

For more information, visit the FCA website:

 Fallen Demagogue, oil on deep canvas, 30x30", 2016.

'Introspection' is one of over 60 works of art donated by signature members to The Federation Of Canadian Artist's 'Painting By Numbers', a fund raising gala taking place September 26th at the Granville Island Performance  Works.


Death Of The Seamstress, by Rose-Marie Kossowan

"Death Of The Seamstress" was selected as a finalist for

The NoneSuch Art On Paper Awards Exhibition,

August 30 - September 10,

at Main & Station, Parrsborro,

Nova Scotia

Death Of The Seamstres; acrylic, charcoal, and sewing patterns on paper, 20x14.25", 2016

The Federation Of Canadian Artist's exhibition titled 'Summer Gallery', is currently on display until July 31th at Granville Island. I have 5 works available, including 'Deep Purple'. For more information visit the FCA's web-site.

Deep Purple

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