Price range on all available work is from 350.00 -  4800.00 CAN.

View East Of The Farm, oil on canvas, 16 x 20, on hold.

Frosty Mt Vistas, oil on canvas, 18 x 24, not for sale

Burning Bush, oil on canvas, 16x20. Awarded 2nd place in the FCA Exhibition titled "Emerging". sold

Starbucks In Gastown, Vancouver, BC, 18x24, oil on deep canvas, on hold.

Sunset On Frosst Creek, oil on canvas, 16 x 20, not for sale.

Georgia St. Vancouver, BC by Rose-Marie Kossowan

Georgia St., Vancouver, BC 18x24", oil on deep canvas.

View From Delta Grove, Cultus Lake, 16x20, oil on canvas, on hold.

November Sunset On Cultus Lake, 24 x 24, oil on deep canvas, sold.

Thompson Park Slough, Chilliwack Lake Rd, oil on deep canvas, 24x30, on hold.

Backyard Maples, oil on canvas, 16x20, soldAwarded the bronze medal in the 2016 FCA Signature Metal Exhibition.

Mt Cheam, South Face Trailhead, 16x20", oil on canvas, unframed, sold.

Moricetown Canyon, 20 x16", oil on canvas, 2016, unavailable.

Farmland, oil on canvas, 16x20, 2016, on hold.

Canadian Cascades, oil on canvas, 16x20, unframed.

Teapot trail, oil on canvas, 20x16, unframed sold.

Now If you go up on the Teapot tonight,

carry a very big stick,

The cougar is there, the coyote, the bear,

the bushes are rustling and thick...

Golden Larches, Mt Frosty, 12x12", oil on deep canvas, 2016, on hold.

Bushed, 20x16", oil on canvas, 2016, sold.

View West Of Mt Frosty, by Rose-Marie Kossowan

Mt Frosty views, oil on canvas, unavailable.

Mt Cheam, South Face, oil on canvas, 18x24", 2016, on hold.

View From Mt frosty Trail, 18x24x1.4", oil on deep canvas, 2016, sold.

Maples At Cultus Lake, 10x10", oil on panel, sold.

View From Bridge, oil on canvas sheet, 2014, sold.

Cottage At Riverview, 30x24", oil on deep canvas, 2015.

East Cordova St., 30 x 30", oil on canvas, 2015, sold.

View From Stanley Park, 18x24", oil on canvas, 2015, unavailable.

Manning Park, BC, 30x30", acrylic on canvas, 2016, not for sale.