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Abstract Composition

Without reference to anything specific in your environment, a non-representational abstract composition can challenging. What are the key elements that make an abstract piece interesting? There are so many different approaches, endless, really. That is what fascinates me about creating pure abstract.

In my work, I use a lot of the same strategies employed in representational work that are meant to create the 'brain candy' we love to see in a piece of art. In abstract painting, the ability to accurately recognise the subject and it's components is far less important and often irrelevant compared to the arrangement of colours, contrast of tone values, overall design and patterns.

On of the tools I fall back on in most of my work is the use of complementary colors. I create my palette from the three primaries so that I know the component ratio of each color, and which hue is dominant. By adding white and mid-tone grey, or black, I change the hue intensity and tone value. In 'Sunshine, Lollipops' below, the color scheme is controlled by cadmium yellow, with a overall composition using red/green compliments.

I will be continuing to blog about my approach to painting, and my personal strategies for creating art. Please feel free to comment below. Thanks very much.

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